Evolving Times Learn 2 Love 2 Live Audiobook


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Audiobook fans looking for a fresh perspective on enjoying life as it was intended, as well as ideas for transformation, can now access the audio version of the Amazon Bestselling book, Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together: The Civilized Choice, following its recent release on Audible.

Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together was first published in December 2020, when everyone was trying to make sense of unfolding events. The author, Darric May, provides an in-depth analysis of the human experience in today’s world. He also delves into the inner complexities of contemporary man’s relationships with himself, with the end goal of learning from them and improving on them. Some of the topics explored in the book include The Broken State of Apathy, Strategies against Humanity, and The Evolution of Man. The author also dissects issues that currently plague society, such as unequal wealth distribution and religious bias.


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